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  •  I had just learned how to knit with the help of Mrs. Christine Chen and it has to be one of the few magnificent experiences in my lifetime. I already know how to crochet but knitting seems to be more interesting to me. [It could be because I'd want to learn as many crafts as I can..hehe..:)] I think it also helps that you know how to crochet first before learning how to knit. She is very passionate with her crafts and that makes a huge difference. It made me more comfortable in learning how to knit with her guidance. She also inspires me to do well and to continue doing crafts. I think she treats her new students as her own babies who're learning how to walk. She also gives out clear and chronological steps. She makes sure you get it and if not, she would demonstrate it. Not only that but If you have made a mistake, she'd help you out, and teach you how to fix it. I am just so happy that now I know how to knit. I will be forever grateful Mrs. Christine Chen. :) Candice Academia <3

Aspiring Knitter


  •  I met Christine when I was knitting a wanderer's cap for my son. She was just an amazing teacher. I knew the basics of knitting, but the pattern was tricky. She helped me so much. She would show me how to do a certain stitch and/or part, and then make sure I could do, and was confident in continuing on my own. Plus, we had fun in the process. She's very patient, and very encouraging. Whenever I would have a question, she was able to help.

Satisfied Knitter

  •  I was having trouble reading a scarf pattern and called Christine to see if she could help. It took her only a few minutes to figure it all out. I finished the project that same weekend and my daughter-in-law loves it. Thank you so much for your expert help!!! Donna Hayward

Donna Hayward
Satisfied customer


  •  My sister and I just met Christine this past weekend and took our first knitting class ever.Christine is not only an excellent teacher but extremely patient as well. Christine helped us pick out supplies and taught us the very basic steps to knitting. We are well on our way to knitting our first piece! It was a great way to spend a couple of hours, talking, laughing, and of course knitting. Thanks Christine:)

Sally Grenfell
A True Beginner


  •  Christine is a gifted woman. My 10yr. old daughter wanted fingerless gloves & a flap eared hat to match and Christine delivered! My daughter LOVES it and she even got to pick the colors~ Well done & thank you :o)

Erika Emerson


  •  I never thought I would be able to knit. I would buy books on knitting and watch a video or two on knitting, needless to say they just did not help. So I found out about Christine's knitting classes and decided to give it a try. Well after just the first class I started to knit! Christine is very experienced at knitting and is a great teacher. So if you've been wanting to learn to knit, give Christine's class a try and you can knit too!

"Beginner knitter"